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Pho- Pho- Phonics: Good pronunciation makes great orators! | Age : 3 Years+ by Go Discover

Pho- Pho- Phonics: Good pronunciation makes great orators! | Age : 3 Years+ by Go Discover

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Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Kit contains:

  • 36 Flash Cards
  • 20 Unique Activity Cards

Phonics is all about sound of letters! Best learnt with audio. Get your goDiscover SmartPen separately.

How does a child learn a language?

Hmm…when they hear people speak the language, they listen to the sounds the words make, they see how the mouth and facial muscles move, they gradually understand what those words mean and finally they copy the same sounds and words!

Learning a language is a beautiful process that we witness as kids grow up from being an infant to a well-spoken adult.

But what about learning a language that is not their mother tongue? Like English which is spoken around the world!

What if you are not proficient enough to teach your child the right way to learn English but you do not have the right resources?

Whatever your reason might be, you now have the Best Interactive Product for your child to learn the English language…the sounds of the letters…words and everything about how to get the pronunciation absolutely right without having the need to send your child to a language course or an International School!

The Pho Pho Phonics is the fabulous product that has everything you need to teach the sounds of the English letters alongside meaningful sentences with additional vocabulary, delightful rhymes and exciting fun activities to sharpen their language skills with ease. Phonics books for 3 to 5 years olds kids

The best part is that it is super easy to follow and no rocket science indeed!

How Pho Pho Phonics helps?

  • Supports the early years curriculum
  • Features beautiful illustrations
  • New concepts and methods for strong foundation
  • Audio-on-cards through additional SmartPen

What’s inside?

  • Phonetics words
  • Sentences
  • Rhymes
  • Brilliant Activities
  • ‘How to use’ cards for parents and teachers

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